Robredo to Duterte: Don't wait for vaccine in battle vs coronavirus


Posted at Sep 22 2020 01:46 AM

MANILA - Vice President Robredo late Monday said President Rodrigo Duterte's plan to just wait for a coronavirus vaccine as a response to the pandemic "is not enough" for the Philippines to address the health crisis.

Duterte earlier voiced his frustration in a public briefing, saying he didn't know what the opposition and his critics still want from the government since the Philippines has hospitals, hospital beds and morgues to cope with the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

"Ang sabi, we are not doing enough. What can we do with the germ that is flying around? It's the microbe that cannot be controlled by any(one)," he said.

"Anong gawin mo? Gusto mo i-spray mo from the sky? DDT? Wala naman tayong magawa diyan," Duterte said, referring to the banned insecticide. 

The President reiterated that only a vaccine can finally solve the health crisis. However, Robredo said in a Facebook post that waiting won't solve the country's situation.

"Hindi yata sapat na basta may ospital, kama at punerarya, ang kailangan na lang gawin ay maghintay ng vaccine," she said.

The Vice President said that the Philippines can suppress the COVID-19 pandemic by "medical and non-medical" means. The Philippine government has been criticized for appointing retired military generals in spearheading anti-coronavirus policies.

Robredo also said the government needs to "overcome humanitarian emergencies" like poverty, hunger and unemployment caused by the pandemic.

She also advised restructuring public and private finances and rebuild the economy in an "inclusive, resilient, and sustainable way."

"Yung number 1 po, hindi maso-solusyunan sa pag-spray ng pesticide sa Manila galing sa eroplano," Robredo said.

Coronavirus cases in the Philippines have been continuously rising since early March, and in recent weeks, the Department of Health has been recording thousands of infections daily.

As of Monday, a total of 290,190 cases have been logged in the country.