Worker dead in Twin Lakes landslide following downpour due to storm 'Jolina'


Posted at Sep 08 2021 06:00 PM

Twin Lakes Estate Management
Twin Lakes Estate Management

MANILA — One worker of Twin Lakes in Batangas was killed in a landslide Wednesday following heavy rains induced by severe tropical storm Jolina.

In a statement, Twin Lakes Estate Management said the landslide occurred in an "undeveloped terrain portion" of the property where a "temporary shelter" housing 2 workers was located.

"During lunch break today, 2 workers were inside a temporary shelter in an undeveloped terrain portion of the 1,200 hectare Twin Lakes when a landslide occurred due to heavy rains caused by the inclement weather," the management said.

It added the 2 workers were resting when the landslide occurred.

One of them was able to escape in time when landmass fell on the shelter, while the other failed to leave. 

"The other worker is in safe condition," Twin Lakes said, adding assistance will be given to the worker who died.