Voter registration to resume in areas under relaxed quarantine starting September 1


Posted at Aug 15 2020 01:34 PM

MANILA - Voter registration will resume in areas with relaxed quarantine levels starting September 1, the Commission on Elections said Saturday, with health and safety protocols put in place as the COVID-19 threat remains.

Those who want to register may download and print application forms from the Comelec website, but these must be signed and submitted in person at election offices, said Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez. 

Applications for registration may be filed from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Comelec offices from Tuesdays to Saturdays starting next month, he said. 

"It is strongly recommended that downloaded forms be filled out before going to the Comelec office for registration, but the forms should be signed only in front of the Election Officer, at the Comelec office," he said in a statement.

Minimum health standards such as limiting the number of people in Comelec offices, requiring the use of face shields and face masks, and physical distancing measures will also be implemented, Jimenez said. 

Aside from the usual voting requirements, Jimenez said registrants should also fill up a self-declaration form indicating possible symptoms, contact, and travel history.

Those found to have symptoms will be barred from entry. 

“Registrants will also be required to fill out a ‘Coronavirus Self-Declaration Form’ which discloses information relating to travel, contact with people with known COVID-19 infection, and symptoms being experienced,” Jimenez said. 

An express lane will also be provided for senior citizens, persons with disabilities and pregnant women, Comelec said. 

Comelec offices and facilties nationwide will also be disinfected daily, the poll body said. 

Voters' registration offices in areas under the stricter enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) and the modified ECQ will remain closed until quarantine classifications in such areas are downgraded to general community quarantine and modified GCQ, or if the quarantine is lifted altogether, the poll body said. 

"In areas currently under ECQ and MECQ, voter registration will automatically resume once the quarantine status is either downgraded to GCQ, MGCQ, or if quarantine is lifted entirely. Voter registration in areas not currently under quarantine, or which are under MGCQ or GCQ, shall automatically be suspended upon upgrading their quarantine status to MECQ or ECQ," Comelec said. 

The next national electios is in 2022.