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Fil-Am mixed martial artist stops violent attacker who assaulted six in NYC

Don Tagala | TFC News New York

Posted at Aug 01 2022 05:06 PM | Updated as of Aug 01 2022 05:07 PM

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A Filipino American mixed martial artist stepped in to stop and subdue a man who randomly sucker punched six others in New York City last Wednesday.

Ro said he was on his way to work when the homeless African American man, identified as 28-year-old Samuel Frazier, assaulted the six men along Broadway in Soho.

"I just got out of the subway and I was on Broadway and Prince, heading to work and two guys who were walking towards me, a third guy showed up out of nowhere, just sucker punched one of the guys and punched him on the side of his face. And the guy that punched him in the face was walking towards me, and I got my eye on him to make sure obviously he doesn't try anything on me so he passed me," Ro shared.

"I checked up on the guy that he just punched and I was like, 'yo, are you okay?' He's like, 'no I'm not okay.' I said, 'alright, call the cops."

When he realized that the man had assaulted a 50-year-old male and a 17-year-old male unprovoked and punched both of them on the head, Ro, along with other good samaritans decided to follow the attacker to subdue him. Ro is a black belter in Jiu-Jitsu.

"My Jiu-Jitsu instincts just kicked in, I jumped on his back, He tried to swing me off then, but a seatbelt position dragged him down to the floor and I immediately took his back and pinned him to the ground."

"All this happened in less than a minute, so checking his hands, making sure he doesn't have a knife, razors, whatever so he literally screwed himself by keeping both hands in front of them because that forced me to pin him to the ground," he added.

Angry victims and bystanders started to punch and kick the attacker so Ro had to stop them and asked them to instead call the cops.

In an email, the Deputy Commissioner Public Information (DCPI) told ABS-CBN News that responding officers arrived at the scene in just minutes after a 911 call. The New York Police Department apprehended the assailant and placed him in police custody.

Ro migrated from the Philippines to the US with his family when he was nine. He said that he too has experienced being harassed because of his race and looks but he turned to martial arts for protection. 

He's grateful that he was able to use his skills to stop what he described as a mentally sick person from harming other people. He also noted that there is an unspoken rule in martial arts that when someone is in trouble, others should go out of their way to help someone.

As a martial artist, he insisted that it is his responsibility to stand up for those who are not able to defend themselves. 

Ro told his Instagram followers, "A lot of crazies out there right now in the streets so please be careful. They will sucker punch you; they will take out their frustrations. It's hot in New York right now so hot temperatures equal hot heads and some people out there are just looking for a reason to just cause trouble."

According to DCPI, Frazier, who remains in police custody, has been charged with two counts of assault.