ABS-CBN News App adds 'listen,' voice search features


Posted at Jun 19 2021 09:02 AM

MANILA -- Users may now listen to news articles and use voice search to look up hot topics with the latest enhancements in the ABS-CBN News App. 

With these add-on features, the ABS-CBN News App hopes to deliver an even better user experience to its audience on the mobile app space. What's more, the new features allow more flexibility and options for users, making the App good companion for busy people who still want to keep monitoring the news. 

These features are available by downloading or updating the ABS-CBN News app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store


App adds 'listen,' voice search features 1

For Android devices with text-to-speech function, users can search for content using their voice by tapping the microphone button on the upper left of the app's screen. 

This activates the voice search function visible through a prompt with a microphone image and the words "Speak now." 

Users can then mention the subject of the news they want to access by saying something like, "search COVID-19," or any other keyword or topic.


App adds 'listen,' voice search features 2

Users can also listen to articles on the News App by saying the word "play," followed by "Top Stories," "Editor’s Pick" or "Article."

Once the command is recognized, the App will open the latest article on the indicated section. 

After an article has been opened, the read-article feature will immediately initiate.


The streaming and news alerts features of the ABS-CBN News App also continue to be convenient tools for users who want to be constantly updated on topics and issues that matter to them.

The app streams TeleRadyo and ABS-CBN News' coverage of big news events in and concerning the country. 

The app also has a personalized news feed where users can customize and choose topics relevant to them.

The ABS-CBN News app is available on Google Play Store and on Apple App Store.