DOH urges Filipinos to prepare for super typhoon Mawar


Posted at May 26 2023 02:32 PM

MANILA — The Department of Health has advised the public to prepare for the possible effects of super typhoon Mawar.

Mawar has slightly intensified while moving west over the Philippine Sea. It is expected to enter the Philippine area of responsibility on Friday night at the earliest and will be given the local name "Betty".

"Currently, this weather system has no direct effect on the country but vigilant monitoring is being conducted by the Health Emergency Management Bureau-Operation Center," the DOH said in an advisory.

"In anticipation of the progress of this storm, the DOH advises the public to prepare and report any untoward incident that may later be related to this weather disturbance," it added.

The DOH urged Filipinos to observe the following steps:

1. Understand signs of emergency

  • Watch, listen, pay close attention to weather updates
  • Learn, understand, and follow the early warning systems in the community

2. Prepare your home

  • Inspect your house for necessary repairs
  • Bring in all outdoor furniture, decorations, garbage cans and anything else that is not tied down
  • Fully charge all your electronic gadgets and emergency batteries
  • Prepare your home for flooding
  • Elevate home furniture and appliances
  • Reinforce and tightly close the windows, doors, and turn off the electrical main switch
  • Keep your important documents at a higher level, protected from flood or water damage

3. Get ready for evacuation

  • Know the important emergency contact numbers
  • Get everyone in your family whistle
  • Create an evacuation plan to a higher safe ground
  • Know the locations of multi-story buildings and prearrange with family or friends living in the higher grounds for evacuation in case of flooding

4. Have an emergency go bag/e-balde ready

  • Include ready to eat food, tools, clothes, first aid kit, sleeping bags, flashlight, batteries, toiletries, COVID-19 protection kit
  • Ensure that you have an adequate food supply and clean water for the whole family that would last for at least 3 days
  • Include easy-open canned goods, dried fruits or trail mixes, packaged biscuits, and other easy-to-eat food
  • Include a small amount of cash
  • Ensure that the emergency go bag/e-balde is easily accessible to everyone


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