How they are now: An update on Mukha personalities


Posted at Dec 24 2016 09:37 AM

As the year draws to an end, let us look back at the stories from ANC's documentary, "Mukha," and follow up on the people that have inspired us.


Rogel bagged the gold in a notoriously difficult 80-kilometer ultra-marathon in 2014, and the path to success seemed to have been paved for him.

But his promising career in the sport took a quick turn for the worse when the young athlete met a serious accident a year after while defending his title.

A broken leg stalled the fulfillment of the lad’s dreams. But within a year since the injury, the “Ultra Man,” as he is fondly called, surprised everyone as he showed off his speed, not only in running but also in his recovery.


Early this year, Pandong was able to acquire his own jeepney after 26 years of driving for an operator. It took him four years paying in installment what amounted to P400,000.

But 2016 came with sad tidings for Pandong. Not only was his secondhand 21-year-old jeepney in need of repair, but reports also stated that old jeepneys will be phased out and kept from the streets.

Now, Pandong is back renting a jeepney and paying a standard boundary for its operator amid worries that he won’t be able to get back the amount he invested for a jeepney when the phase-out is finally implemented.

In a seemingly welcome turn of events, Pandong was able to find joy and inspiration from his family in Pangasinan, who will finally be able to celebrate the Yuletide season with him in the metro.


Since the day Dolores Ocampo’s breast cancer metastasized to her brain, life has been a constant battle for her son, Ian.

The young ballet dancer exudes effortless grace in every performance, but deep inside he agonizes at the thought of losing his mother. He was sure that everything was about to go downhill.

But as in ballet, his life made a sudden pirouette.

Eight months since the doctor’s prognosis, Dolores is still alive and even more determined to live. It’s a feat not many cancer patients are able to accomplish. This has pushed Ian and his family to never lose hope.

Ian and his siblings are now racing against time, doubling their efforts to raise P500,000 for their mother's treatment. Dolores means everything to Ian, and he is more than willing to give her everything he has.


Angelito, known to the students of Angeles University Foundation as "Lolo Pops," spends hours selling colorful lollipops on the sidewalks.

He captured the hearts of viewers and readers back in June, and it'll be interesting to see how he's doing. Do tune in to next week's episode of ANC's "Mukha" to find out what he's up to.