'Meet Dali': Divine Lee gives birth to third child


Posted at Oct 12 2021 04:00 PM

Socialite Divine Lee welcomed her third child with husband, businessman Blake Go on Sunday. 

Lee gave birth to a baby girl. Dalida Bader, based on her recent post on Instagram.

She also created a social media account for her newborn where she explained the meaning of the name. 

“Following the tradition of my siblings, parents named us after inspiring people. My nickname is Dali same like the artist Salvador Dali! Named after artists like Ahia Baz and Achi Blanca who’s supposed to be nicknamed Banksy,” the caption stated. 

According to the first post on Dali’s account, Dalida means gold which is one of Lee’s favorite colors.


A post shared by @dalileego

“She got married in a gold gown! In other languages, it can mean surprise. Mom thinks it’s perfect as she expected me to be a boy! And plot twist! Here I am,” it said.

The baby’s second name Bader came from Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who served at the Supreme Court in the United States. 

“Again following the tradition in our family, parents named me after a very inspiring woman. She served in the Supreme Court and became one of the world’s best advocate for gender equality and women’s rights,” the caption further explained.

Dali’s meaningful name followed her sister Blanca, who was pegged after Marlene Dietrich, a gender equality advocate.

Lee and Go already have two children nicknamed Baz and Blanca. Like the two kids, their third baby was conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Earlier, Lee released a vlog documenting her third IVF journey. It ended with her getting a negative result on her pregnancy test, causing her to feel "a bit depressed."

In a previous interview, Lee said she decided to have her eggs frozen at the age of 24 to take away the pressure of having a child at an early age.

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