Laura Lehmann talks about her advocacy


Posted at Sep 15 2017 06:04 PM

Miss World Philippines 2017 Laura Lehmann on Friday talked about how she has put forward an advocacy close to her heart: education.

Lehmann, a former courtside reporter and TV host, said she is working for the social enterprise Promoting Rural Education in the Philippines (PREP) to reach out to students in the countryside.

"What we do is we visit elementary schools in rural areas and we build libraries for them. When we’re gone, they have a library and it’s with them forever," she told ANC's "Headstart."

"I think there’s room for improvement," she added. "I think their curriculum is very basic, but it’s also not their fault. There’s a lot of issues behind it."

"In PREP, when we go, we bring lessons with us. For example, we’ll teach them about world geography or world history because when you’re in that setting and when you have a tight classroom, you don’t really think about those things, everything is very basic. We kind of just want to expand their world a little bit." 

Lehmann will represent the Philippines in Miss World pageant -- known for its slogan "Beauty with a Purpose" -- in China this November.

Headstart, September 15, 2017