Filipina journalist writes book about 'woke' millennial lesbians


Posted at Sep 03 2021 12:46 PM

Purple Romero and her first fiction book,
Purple Romero and her first fiction book, "Dito, sa Purple House." Handout

MANILA -- A Filipina journalist is marking her first foray into writing fiction through a book about "woke" millennial lesbians.

Purple Romero, who has covered gender issues, climate change, the Supreme Court, and foreign affairs, has released a book titled "Dito, sa Purple House."

Published by Ukiyoto, the book hopes to shine a spotlight on stories about other members of the LGBTQI community, following the popularity of boys' love (BL) films and series in the country and other parts of the world.

"Dito, sa Purple House" tells the story of interracial lesbian love. The two protagonists, a Filipina and a Korean, see themselves navigating personal feelings while shaping and fighting for their political beliefs.

The novel promises to evoke first-love jitters and the pain of regret against the backdrop of social media voyeurism and polarizing politics. 

Copies of the book can be purchased on the Ukiyoto website. 

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