WATCH: Luigi Muhlach gives glimpse of family home in Tagaytay


Posted at Sep 01 2020 02:34 PM

WATCH: Luigi Muhlach gives glimpse of family home in Tagaytay 1
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MANILA -- Luigi Muhlach still can't believe that they are almost in the final stages of building their home.

The chef and content creator recently gave the public a glimpse of his vast family home in Tagaytay, fulfilling his dream of moving to the countryside after a decade of living in rental houses.

In a 27-minute video on his Facebook page, Muhlach and his wife Patty toured viewers around the still-unfinished property, sharing their plans for each part of the space. 

"We started construction on the house about seven months ago and it will take another 2 months or so until it's done. Take a trip down memory lane with us as we reminisce and look back," Muhlach wrote in the post's caption.

"Patty and I have been living in rental homes since we got married 10 years ago. It has always been our dream to build a house we can call our own. So this is something really big for us, and which is made more fulfilling due to the challenges brought about by the pandemic. We feel so grateful that despite the quarantine everything is happening as planned," added the son of former couple Aga Muhlach and Janice de Belen.

The chef went on to share the challenges of building a dream house "with a shoestring budget." 

"Our creativity went a long way, although we had to scale back some of our extravagant dream home desires. Patty and I had to decide where we were willing to compromise. We had to exercise careful budgeting and stay on track with the spending," he wrote.

He added: "I played the role of general contractor myself to lessen the expense. Patty and I shopped around for for all the materials and services needed to build our home. Patty was on Pinterest the whole time looking for pegs, while I was always busy looking for suppliers that will give us our money's worth."

Watch Muhlach's vlog on their family home in Tagaytay below: