This chef has transitioned to farm life in Tagaytay with his family


Posted at Jul 03 2020 02:19 PM


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MANILA -- After a decade of living in the city, this chef and his family have finally fulfilled their dream of moving to the countryside.

Chef Luigi Muhlach is currently enjoying the farm life in Tagaytay with his wife Patty and their four children.

In an interview with the entertainment website Pep, Muhlach said their main house is still under renovation so they are currently residing in the adjacent pool house.

"Living in the countryside is a natural for my wife, Patty, since she grew up in the province. Patty played a big role in convincing me to give up my cosmopolitan life in favor of fresh air, vegetable garden, animal farm, and a less-toxic life," he said. 

"Actually, Patty and I wanted to give our kids a childhood immersed in nature. We always had a desire to move our kids in a wide open space where they could have more freedom to explore and be in communion with nature," he added. 


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Muhlach went on to share the advantages of living in the countryside such as growing their own food and being in a more peaceful environment.

"We enjoy going for walks as a family or quietly gather around our meditation garden for yoga, or just simply enjoy bird watching or listening to the crickets chirping. Maybe even have a really cold beer while making fresh pizza," he said.

The chef continued: "Our day to day life in the countryside is panning out the way we have imagined and prayed for it to be. Even the kids seem so much happier now. Life has become calmer and more fulfilled. We just love the natural setting of new life."

Once they get fully settled, Muhlach said they are planning to open their farm land to "nature lovers who would want to spend a day or two with our family" and experience his farm-to-table cooking. 

"The [visiting] kids can engage in nature study with Patty and our children, or just enjoy being a kid climbing the tree house, play basketball, jump up and down the trampoline, dip in the Jacuzzi's cool water, or challenge oneself in the ninja warrior obstacle course," he said.