SNEAK PEEK: Filipino folklore comes alive in new Eastwood attraction

Barbie Salvador-Muhlach

Posted at Aug 27 2019 04:46 PM | Updated as of Aug 27 2019 05:22 PM

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MANILA – A new attraction promising a unique, immersive experience has just opened up in Quezon City. 

"Lambana" is the debut show of production startup Tipsy Tales. It aims to bring to spotlight the elements of Filipino folklore by reintroducing them through an interactive theatrical show. 

The adventure begins with an intimate group of up to 15 people. Each will find themselves performing a role at the start of a play. The next chapter, however, will depend on the choices they’ll make. Much like the format in the Choose Your Own Adventure books popular in the 1980s, as well as the format’s recent reincarnation in the Netflix film "Bandersnatch," each person’s experience will be different. Endings too can be different.

Throughout the journey, audience members will encounter enchanting creatures from Filipino mythologies. The hope is to reintroduce these characters to Filipinos who may have forgotten about their existence. While for foreign audiences, it is to offer a deeper cultural backdrop of the Philippines. 

Showrunner Wayne Yeang laments most of his fellow expats have little knowledge about Philippine heritage. And he hopes to bridge that gap through such. 

Is it scary though? Yes and no. No, in the sense that there aren’t any jump scares in the production; but yes, in a way you will feel things. Tipsy Tales co-founder Quina Baterna explains: “It’s about nervous excitement. That feeling you get when you are not sure what’s next but you’re almost sure there’s something going to happen.”

That rush and the feeling of magic and wonder, is the core of Tipsy Tales. It offers a safe space for kids to play, and for adults to be reminded of how it is to be a child. 

Beyond Lambana

Lambana is but the first chapter for Tipsy Tales. Baterna and Yeang said they are hoping to bring the interactive format of entertainment that is making waves abroad to the Philippine mainstream. 

What could be next after an immersive theatrical show? Some of the things the duo is looking at include interactive dining experiences and interactive museums. The possibilities seem limitless at this point. One thing is for sure though. Like Lambana, the next Tipsy Tales project is going to be a multi-sensory, immersive experience. 

Lambana by Tipsy Tales is located at the 4th floor of Eastwood Mall.