LOOK: Joel Cruz finally with 7th child — ‘Thank God for another blessing’


Posted at Aug 16 2018 09:12 PM | Updated as of Aug 16 2018 11:55 PM


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Fragrance mogul Joel Cruz is bringing home his seventh child, Zeid, from Moscow, where the baby was born via surrogacy in June.

On Instagram Wednesday, Cruz shared a video of him carrying Zeid.

“Finally, I’m with Zeid now,” he said in the clip, explaining that he was in Moscow to get his son, and that they were set to fly back to Manila the next day.

He added in the caption: “Thank God for another blessing!”


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Zeid is the first non-twin child of Cruz. The businessman is the biological father, through surrogacy, of three sets of twins.

Cruz welcomed his first pair of twins, Prince Sean and Princess Synne in September 2012. They were followed by Prince Harry and Prince Harvey three years later in October 2015. The third pair, Charles and Charlotte, were born in May 2017.


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In an earlier interview, Cruz said he had planned to have a fourth set of twins. Zeid’s twin, however, reportedly didn’t grow to maturity and was lost early in the pregnancy.