Why Inka Magnaye has 'huge respect' for pageant queens, delegates


Posted at Aug 05 2021 06:21 PM


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MANILA -- Voice talent Inka Magnaye said she has "huge respect" for pageant queens and contestants, citing not only their influence but also their ability to handle the pressure of being on stage and in the public eye. 

Magnaye, who rose to fame as the voice behind the in-flight safety announcement of flag carrier Philippine Airlines, made the statement after being asked why she has not entered the pageant scene.

After pointing out that she is already overage at 32 years old, she said that she is "not built for" pageantry.

"Even if I wasn't overage I probably wouldn't join, not because I have anything against pageants but just because I know that my mental health won't be able to handle that," Magnaye admitted. "And that's okay, we all have different thresholds for our mental health, and I'm probably just not strong enough to handle the scrutiny that comes with being a pageant representative." 

She went on: "That's why I have a huge respect for pageant delegates. Do you know how hard it is to perform under that kind of pressure? They know that every single part of them, every answer, every move will be scrutinized and compared to the other women next to them. And yet they still do it with all that confidence."


A post shared by Inka Magnaye (@inkamagnaye)

And while she acknowledges that she is not fit for pageants, Magnaye stressed that it does not mean that she is not confident enough.

The voice talent believes that her strengths "manifest in other things," such as in creating content to make people feel better.

"Their (pageant queens') beauty moves people and their intelligence makes them powerful and influential. But here's the thing, each and every one of us has our own beauty, our own push, our own power, and our own influence. We can also do good and be good and inspire people to do good things from wherever we are, doing what we do best," she said. 

"It's amazing how beauty queens can inspire wonderful positive changes, but we can do that, too, doing what we do best," she ended.

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