Delivery eats: Julia y Paz's keto-friendly pizza is for everyone

Laura Macabale

Posted at Aug 04 2021 02:54 PM


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MANILA -- Pizza gets a timely and healthy makeover courtesy of Julia y Paz, a cloud kitchen based in Quezon City. 

The timeless favorite is now keto-friendly, thanks to Julia y Paz's Sandee Masigan who, when she isn’t concocting new recipes, is a writer, food stylist, and events planner. With net carbs of only four grams per slice, this pizza should be on every dieter’s list of lockdown must-tries. 

“The keto-friendly pizza was originally only for me,” Masigan said. “You know when we age, we have to be mindful of things such as cholesterol, sugar, and all that, so my doctor prescribed the [keto] diet to me.”

“No pasta days here and there, but not really taking it seriously until April when I came back for a follow-up check-up with my doctor. My doctor and I saw the potential of keto for me and my health, based on my lab results. That’s when I finally decided to fully commit to it,” she said.

Going on a strict diet is a big leap for Masigan, whose life has been all about food. She had to cut off gluten, sugar, and carbs from her life -- for life!

She said her first week was okay, but on the second, she was already feeling deprived from enjoying her life, especially since she’s the only one on a diet. 

“I cook a lot. That’s my job. But on days when I feel lazy, my husband and I would always order pizza and wings and have them delivered. Now that I’m doing this diet, I got nothing. There’s nothing available for me out there,” said Masigan, the wife of businessman and columnist Andrew Masigan. 

“I was determined not to punish myself with this diet, that’s why I hurriedly searched for keto recipes of pizza online. Of course, it had to be gluten-free and sugar-free, with the least amount of carbs. So, no flour for the crust. With the toppings, I threw in things I like. It was for me, so why not, right?”

Eventually, she perfected a pizza suited for her diet. She had her husband try it and he was amazed. “He loved it and wouldn’t mind going keto as well if that’s what he was to eat,” Masigan said. 

Shen then thought of others out there who were missing out because of their diet. Hence, she made it available online. 

“Julia and Paz are the two grandmothers I was fortunate to grow up with. Julia was the cook and baker in my life… and Paz was the elegant entertainer. These two women shaped my life in the kitchen and the table. The fruits of the kitchen come from them,” Masigan said of the name of her new business. 

There are currently three flavors available for order from Julia y Paz – Double cheese pepperoni pizza, Bacon, pepperoni, and Italian sausage pizza, and Mediterranean vegetarian pizza.

“If you are on a low-carb low sugar diet, bacon is one of the staples of your diet. But it doesn’t mean that you go overboard in your eating. As always, everything should be in moderation,” she said of the Bacon, pepperoni, and Italian sausage pizza.

For the Mediterranean Vegetarian pizza, she includes sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, olives, cherry tomatoes and cream cheese. 

“Sometimes, I would glaze some balsamic vinegar on top to enhance the flavor, but only a little bit because it converts to sugar after some time. It would be like cheating on my diet, but it doesn’t hurt to add some for flavor, right?” she said. 

Masigan revealed that Julia y Paz will soon unveil two new flavors —Vigan Longganisa and All Cheese. 

She also added that she is developing keto wings. 

“The best part is when my customers say they don’t feel deprived with my pizza,” Masigan said. “It is shareable even with those who aren’t on a strict diet, like my husband. This goes the same for everyone.”