LOOK: Funko introduces Jo Koy figure

Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jul 27 2020 04:51 PM | Updated as of Jul 28 2020 09:44 AM


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LOS ANGELES -- While there is no Comic-Con this year, a toy tycoon made sure to meet with the Filipino community to introduce a new Pinoy-inspired figure. 

Funko founder Mike Becker introduced a Funko Pop figure of comedian Jo Koy during the recent Digital Creative Conversations event by Search to Involve Pilipino Americans, or SIPA.

"That's really fun for us to be working with him and it was really fun for me to get to go to one of his shows," Becker said. "And it was cool my wife got to pictures with him and I love him, too. It turned to really super cool."

Since 1998, Funko has produced several Filipino-inspired figures and they've been among their most popular pieces -- from Darna to Manny Pacquiao, and a series dedicated to Jollibee.

But where did Becker get these ideas?

Filipino Funko fans have his wife, Rizal-born and raised Rosario, to thank. Married to Becker for the past 7 years, she joined him last year to spread Christmas cheer in the historic Filipinotown.

"She's (Rosario) the one that really told me how big Jollibee was, and I kept thinking I love the character but I've never heard of it. Honestly I never heard of it because I came from Seattle, and I don't think there are any Jollibees there."

He went on: "And so I started going over there, and there's a Jollibee on every darn corner, and then I got to know some of the president over there at Jollibee... It didn't take long and here we are now."


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Jo Koy himself had the honor of unboxing his own figure on Funko's FunTV show.

"This is the coolest one ever made. I'm being biased of course," he said. "Funko, you killed this one."

The Jo Koy figures are now available online through his website, along with shirts bearing the new design.