Matteo Guidicelli draws flak for PS4 unboxing video


Posted at Jun 22 2020 02:06 PM

MANILA -- Matteo Guidicelli recently did his first unboxing video and it became viral -- for the wrong reasons.

The actor received flak after carelessly opening a sponsored package containing a PlayStation 4 Pro bundle, which costs around P25,000, and two more games.

The video was uploaded on YouTube last June 1, but it was only last weekend when it gained the attention of gaming enthusiasts and other Filipino netizens.

In the nearly five-minute clip, Guidicelli said the last time he owned a PlayStation console was when he was "8 or 9 years old," and that his brother "persuaded" him to get a PS4.

He admitted that he is not used to making unboxing videos: "I'm not good at unboxing, this is my first time. So maybe later I can learn."

Guidicelli went on to rip the PS4's packaging sleeve in half before discovering that it has to be intact for the console's two-year warranty.

"Please keep the sleeve for extended warranty service... I just broke it, sorry. Anyways," he said.

The actor then tried to read the back part of the PS4 box, only to throw it away, saying he doesn't "really like reading instructions."

Despite slamming the PS4 and the rest of the games and accessories on the table, he said he is "really excited for the PS5."

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As of writing, Guidicelli's first unboxing video received a whopping 31,000 "dislikes" on YouTube, as opposed to only 3,600 "likes."

Magazine websites such as Top Gear Philippines and Scout also published opinion pieces on the actor's viral clip, with titles such as "Matteo Guidicelli has an...interesting way of unboxing video game consoles" and "In memoriam of Matteo Guidicelli's PS4 box."

Comments also poured in on social media sites, with netizens criticizing the way Guidicelli handled a sponsored big-ticket item.

Despite the backlash, Guidicelli seems unbothered as he posted a new video of him using his new PS4 to play "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" on Monday.

"I made it a point just an hour a day [to play]," he told his viewers. 

"I'm still new to it here on the PS4. I'm really enjoying the PS4," he added.

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