How Eric 'Eruption' Tai balances health, family, and Mobile Legends

Angela Coloma, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jun 04 2019 06:55 PM

How Eric 'Eruption' Tai balances health, family, and Mobile Legends 1
Eric “Eruption” Tai poses for a photo after the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup press conference on Tuesday. Angela Coloma, ABS-CBN News 

MANILA -- It’s no secret that former “It's Showtime” host Eric “Eruption” Tai is an avid gamer. 

After his stint as a noontime show host, he has built his career as one of the most-established game streamers in the country. 

And that has come with much fanfare, as he is one of the first celebrities to reach the highest rank in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. 

Living up to his Mobile Legends user handle “fitgamer,” he admitted he sometimes balances his morning workout while playing the popular multiplayer online battle arena game, particularly while playing the treadmill. 

“I wake up, take my supplements, go to the treadmill and start walking. I put the treadmill on incline, and I put it at 4 or 5 speed and then while you're walking, you’re playing,” he told ABS-CBN News at the sidelines of the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup press conference in Quezon City on Tuesday. 

At the same time, he said he makes sure his family is doing great -- a feat, he stressed, is important when having a career centered on esports. 

Esports, he said, helped him earn enough to have a child of his own. 

Tai and his wife Rona first tried to have a child in 2014, which ended in a miscarriage. A second failed pregnancy led to doctors removing Rona's fallopian tubes due to health complications. 

Tai said they were able to afford to have an in vitro feritilization treatment with the help of his career hosting and streaming esports events. 

Tai plays a minimum of two hours a day except when he has to shoot or hang out with his family. 

He urged his fellow gamers to establish a balance between one’s career, personal, and gaming life.

“Prioritize your fitness, your health, your studies, your school, your talents... whatever it may be. Bukod sa gaming, make sure you have a goal for them before you prioritize gaming. Because sometimes gaming could take you to the very next level,” he said.