Why Eric Tai, Rona named their first baby Legend

Vince Garcia, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Mar 08 2019 09:19 PM | Updated as of Mar 09 2019 01:34 AM


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As revealed by Eric "Eruption" Tai in an interview with ABS-CBN News' Gretchen Fullido, there are a couple of reasons behind his newborn son Legend's unusual name.

For one, as a gamer who loves Mobile Legends and League of Legends--so much that he often gets in trouble with his wife over his playing habits--the word just kinda got stuck inside his head. 

He also never forgot the moments he got "Legendary" kill streaks, which just means that he killed a lot of of enemies consecutively without dying himself to break the momentum. In short, he was very good in those games. 


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Another is that he and his wife, Rona, are particularly fond of John Legend and that his songs have been a "part of their relationship." When they got married in 2016, Rona walked down the aisle to one of the American singer's hits. 

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But perhaps the main reason is that they look at Legend and see a baby born after going through perhaps one too many challenges--a story of epic proportions, at least from the couple's perspective. 

It was in 2014 when they first tried having a child, but their early efforts resulted, sadly, in a pair of miscarriages. 

It literally became impossible for them to make a child naturally, when Rona's second failed pregnancy led to doctors removing her fallopian tubes due to complications with her health.

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This did not stop Tai and Rona, though, from dreaming of someday having a kid of their own. 

Amid playful thoughts about them taking children right off the streets ("That was kidnapping," Rona reminded Tai), they decided to undergo IVF, or in-vitro fertilization. 

They knew that this was not going to be a cheap procedure so they decided to enter the "Amazing Race Asia" with hopes of using the cash prize (around P5 million) to pay for it. 

They lost the race, but gained a stronger bond with one another and a renewed determination to never give up on their goal. 


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Flash forward to this year and, after saving up enough money between them, they decided to visit an IVF clinic. 

Luckily, they visited at the right time (around June last year) and the doctors told them that they could go through the procedure of harvesting Rona's eggs that very same day. 

Taking it as a "sign" from above, they went through with it even if Tai admittedly had some reservations about how ready they were. 

According to the couple, Rona produced a total of eight eggs for fertilization but that number quickly dwindled down to just one following a few more steps, concerning Tai even more. 

But as fate would have it, that one would turn out to be Legend. 


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"That's why Legend. He's a miracle kasi," a gushing Tai said.