Life coach shares how to raise LGBT children with pride


Posted at Jun 01 2023 07:40 PM

Handout photo.
Handout photo.

MANILA — Life coach and author Myke Celis shared some tips on how to raise children who are members of the LGBT community.

“Having children who are members of the LGBT community should not make the parents appreciate them less. In fact, it requires them to shower their own children with love and understanding because they are the ones who will introduce to them the concept of having a safe space," Celis said. 

"Something which is timely and relevant as they navigate through their personal journey towards discovering who and what they really are,” he added.

Celis stressed that parents play a vital role in the development and well-being of their children during their self-discovery years.

 “How parents treat their children during their growing up years affects how they see themselves and how they react to the rest of the world. If parents make their children feel that there’s something wrong with them and they are not accepted for who and what they are, there is a huge possibility that the children will have very low self-esteem and will also end up hating themselves in the process," the coach said. 

"This can result to becoming overwhelmed with stress, shame, sadness and anger which may lead to depression if not addressed accordingly,” he added.

Celis added noted that open communication between the parents and their LGBT children is key to make the relationship thrive.

“Rather than pushing the children away, it is better to talk to them openly, minus any form of judgment to understand where they are coming from. It will also help if parents will take the initiative to learn more about the needs and wants of LGBT children so they don’t resist the situation simply because it’s unfamiliar territory for them," Celis said. 

"Make your children feel safe and okay to speak up and let themselves be and assure them that you, as parents will never leave their side. Your question to yourself as you do these should always be coming from: 'How can I love my child more?'" he added.

Celis also warned about the practices that parents should avoid if they want to foster an open bond with their LGBT children.

“Stop invalidating your children’s thoughts about his/her own gender. He/she knows better. Do not tell them that it’s something that will pass, or that it’s something unacceptable or that they can still be helped to change. Parents, there is nothing wrong with your children. Remember that always... They just need you to love, support and protect them along the way. The goal is not to change them but to raise them with pride as they take pride in themselves too,“ he said.

“When faced with difficulty, you don’t have to journey alone too. You can disclose gradually with trusted relatives but ask permission first of your child. You may also join support groups or seek the help of a professional when things seem overwhelming for you. Help is readily available. Don’t hesitate to reach out if it can do wonders for you and your child,” Celis ended.

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