'It was heartbreaking': Jericho Rosales recalls closing down barbershop business


Posted at May 11 2021 12:37 PM


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MANILA – Jericho Rosales is hoping he could bring back his barbershop business when the pandemic is over.

In an interview with the entertainment website Pep, Rosales admitted it was painful for him when he closed down Talas Manileño, especially when he let go of his employees.

"It was one of the most heartbreaking experiences para sa akin ah, as a business owner. Because I had big plans for the barbershop," he said.

"Not just for the barbershop, but to tell your employees that it's over and, you know, to give them their final salary or 13th-month pay or something, or whatever it is that you can give them. And saying goodbye to them is really painful," he added.

To help give his laid off employees "a start," Rosales said he donated to them some of the equipment from the shop which they could use.

"Wala, e, it is what it is," he said. "I did as simple as giving them clippers and, you know, barbering equipment so that they can do home service, sa bahay nila, parang ganun."

According to Rosales, shutting down the barbershop was made more difficult by the fact that it was once his go-to place.

"It was sad to say goodbye to my tambayan. It was the one place where I can go on a Sunday and, you know, have a drink, have a haircut, relax. Now, I cut my own hair," he said.

As much as he had high hopes for the business, Rosales said he there’s nothing more he could have done due to the effects of the global pandemic.

"Pinark ko na lang iyong name. Pinark ko na lang iyong Talas Manileño. It could have evolved into something else, you know,” he said.

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