Can Filipino Miss Universe partners influence the pageant result? Beauty expert Olivia Quido answers

Mario Dumaual, ABS-CBN News

Posted at May 08 2021 07:01 PM

Attached photos from Olivia Quido Instagram account and Jojo Bragais' Facebook account

Filipinos are playing vital roles at the Miss Universe pageant this year but one Pinoy partner has debunked speculations that she and other patrons may influence the choice of selecting the winners. 

“No, none at all, as a partner, we do not have that influence," the pageant’s skin care partner, Olivia Quido told ABS-CBN News in a virtual conference Saturday from the United States. 

“Wala ding will be the judges who will determine who’s deserving of the crown." 

Quido, who started as skin care partner of Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants in 2019, is set to meet more than 70 candidates on Sunday in a master class in beauty and skin care in Hollywood, Florida. 

She is also proud of the participation this year of Pinoy shoemaker Jojo Bragais, who was recently chosen as the pageant’s official footwear sponsor. 

“Imagine from head to foot, from face hanggang shoes, ang mga nag-aalaga mga Pinoy," Quido said beaming. 

Both Quido and Bragais shared the story of struggle and hard work in their profession before they hit big time in Miss Universe. 

“Ang gandang inspirasyon sa atin, sabi ko nga puedeng mangarap ng malaki, kung may goals and dreams, go reach for the stars! At least if you fall short, you fall on the moon!” Quido said. 

She also made her request to Bragais, who is currently in quarantine in Chicago, to provide her with size 6 shoes she can wear at the coronation on May 16 at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood Florida. 

She reiterated that she will only help the candidates in enhancing their skin, not to influence official votes. 

Quido’s social media accounts where she shares interviews with Miss U candidates, are among the most followed online by fans who are monitoring the pageant. 

Without appearing to favor anyone, Quido shared with ABS-CBN News the beauties who made a lasting impression on her. 

Aside from Miss Philippines Rabiya Mateo, her list includes the candidates from Peru, Singapore, Thailand, Belize and Romania. 

Miss Thailand Amanda Obdam was a record setter, with more than 65,000 views on her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

She is most appreciative, however, of Miss Australia Maria Thattil, who shows her sense of humor by poking fun at herself. 

“Kung magkakaron ako ng BFF it will be Miss Australia. I really find her funny dahil di siya nahihiya to post her moments kahit matalisod siya at the end of her pasarela,“ she related. "She’s authentic, transparent at hindi rehearsed.” 

Quido, likewise, addressed the issue of racism at the pageant which has lately riled several candidates. 

She agreed with reigning Miss Universe Zosibini Tunzi , the latest subject of her interview series, who counseled delegates to just draw energy from the positivity, love, goodwill and understanding of other candidates. 

“My take is irregardless of color, face, height or beauty, the essence of unity and sisterhood should be emphasized at Miss Universe," said Quido who also related her long experience in servicing the skin and beauty maintenance requirements of all kinds of nationalities. 

"Maganda yung sinabi ni Miss Canada Nova Stevens in my interview. Sabi niya 'we all have to be brothers and sisters'", kahit naman daw siblings na di magkakamukha, pamilya pa rin dapat ang turing," she said.

Quido also cited the incredible story of Stevens’ recent reunion with her mother and other family members after they were separated by war in Sudan two decades ago. 

“Sana nga matuto tayong magmahal at rumespeto kahit di nating kakulay! Unawain natin bawat isa dahil di natin alam ang pinanggalingan nila at pinagdaanan.” 

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