Teach kids life skills and virtues during quarantine, homeschool advocate says


Posted at May 04 2020 06:05 PM

A girl does school work with her mother at her home at the Orfei circus, following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Santa Teresa di Riva, Italy. Antonio Parrinello, Reuters

MANILA -- A homeschool advocate advised parents to make the most out of the coronavirus-induced quarantine by teaching their children life skills and virtues. 

Frannie Daez, who has homeschooled seven out of her eight kids, said parents can integrate learning into daily experiences at home such as doing chores, praying, and playing games.

"Somebody asked me, 'What am I gonna do now? We're on quarantine. What are we going to teach?'" she told participants at a recent webinar organized by Enderun Colleges. "For me, I don't think you should worry about math and science now... You don't even have a teaching guide, you don't even have answer keys."

She went on: "Then what do we do with the time on our hands that we're with them? There are so many things to teach them. I would like to focus on teaching them life skills and virtues."

Citing examples, Daez said playing games "teaches how to be a good sport," doing chores "teaches them responsibility and patience," and praying together "teaches them the love of God and humility." 

"We don't even know what kind of workplace we're going to have in the future given the situation, but these are the things that they really need to learn," she said. 

Meanwhile, Daez said parents who are planning to pursue homeschooling for their children should first consider factors such as their work schedules and their kids' learning styles.

She said it is totally different from a traditional school setup, and requires a lot of effort and commitment.

"You really need to have a better reason or a deeper meaning if you want to homeschool because it's going to be a commitment," she said, as she advised parents to do their research and seek the help of like-minded individuals before taking the plunge.