‘A great idea’: Illac Diaz’s project gets praise from Steven Spielberg


Posted at Apr 22 2019 05:10 PM

MANILA – Former actor-turned-social entrepreneur Illac Diaz recently took to social media to share his close encounter with legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

“An honor to be on a Steven Spielberg project working with Dreamworks,” he said in an Instagram post, which showed a photo of him with the Oscar-winning director. 

“[Sharing this] on behalf of all the Liter of Light Global Partnerships and having gone through a global adventure with Peace Boat US on which journey together we have lit the world this year.”

One of the photos also showed a bottle with Spielberg’s autograph. It read: “Illac, a great idea!”


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In another post, Diaz said: “Thanks, Steven Spielberg and the President of Comcast for recognizing Liter of Light.”

Diaz was at the Comcast Technology Center in Philadelphia for a gathering of social innovators. 


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Diaz is the founder of Liter of Light, a non-government organization that “uses plastic bottles to bring light to populations without access to electricity,” according to Climateheroes.org.

His project is said to have helped “690,000 people throughout the world to get out of energy poverty.”