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Posted at Apr 20 2019 06:13 AM | Updated as of Apr 20 2019 10:21 AM

Get to know how Emoji Records plans to elevate original Pinoy electronic music thru their Bass N’ Bacon (BnB) events.

I checked out the party to get insights about the future of this part of the local music scene.

Bass N' Bacon

An event series known for giving out free bacon can be a metaphor for an aim to support a developing local music industry. But can partying and overloading oneself with sumptuous strips of bacon and ear candy do it?

Bass N Bacon 5 at Movie Stars Cafe Eton Centris

Emoji’s parties express hopeful voices to provide more opportunities for local artists to perform original stuff alongside today’s local electronic music scene.

“We are all about the vibes and vibrations," says Jared Celemin, a scientific innovator who led the team that put everything together. 
"Bass or the low-end frequency resonates better than the high and mid, especially when you’re out dancing or talking, you’ll be able to feel it, even next door. To be precise, low-frequency travels farther than its counterpart. High-frequency wave lengths are more easily absorbed by the molecules in the air. With bacon, it’s easy to consume, also slows the rate of alcohol absorption in your body, therefore, you can party longer. And it’s just 4 syllables, saying it is fun…try it, Bass N’ Bacon." 

JP Tanchanco, Jared Celemin

I enjoyed chatting with Celemin, who was also busy checking up on back-stage operations. He offered me bacon and toured me around the event themed with expressions of Hollywood super heroes and villains, featuring about 51 music performers in 2 stages.

“Part of the event is to wave all kinds of electronic music. We consider BnB as a platform for any upcoming electronic artists, thus giving them a chance to show what they have in store. The fact that we live in a society where music constantly evolves and made, adapting is inevitable if you are to cater to many and to be successful,” he adds. 

True to their cause, BnB had a unique mix of eclectic electronic music but a unifying wild party vibe. There was electronica, EDM, techno, acid, hip/hop, trap, dub step, house, trance, wave, rock mash ups and beyond. The diversity was a plethora of ear candy that synergized with a bit of intimate versions of letting loose in an actual punk rock concert.

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“The vibe we portray is one that is similar to the punk music scene of the late 70s and early 80s. We wish to provide a venue where people can headbang, mosh and sing their hearts out in defiance, going against the current and creating a culture that is centered on bass music. Our target demographic is any person who enjoys the various music styles we've already mentioned prior, but cannot satisfy their cravings in your usual club or festival,” says Celemin.

Propping up the stage for locals

Celemin and his team want the events to grow larger as they see it as an excellent venue for people to support local electronic music producers and get to know their original material.

“I believe that Filipino producers have the ability to reach the global scale. Music is the universal language and the internet is your medium,” he says.

Jet Boado, Mc Boo, MJ Collarga

BnB’s line-up during the evening showed its youth and diversity. Among the roster of performers were: TZN x Drey, FVCKEDUP NINJAS, DJ SPOILED, JP Bacallan, Zelijah, Green City Mobbin, AwesomeSpermCell, DJ Buddha x DZ SVG, Nick Hernandez, Grid, Ian Sndrz, BSTRDPRNCE, John Odin, Khim Custodio, Zaiten, EDOM, Strodano, Tellus & Omi, Callum David, Those Damn Nerds, Curse&Bless, Jet Boado, Dimas, BVSSFVCE, NicDroid, Boo, MJ Collarga, CrookX, DM and Dee.

“Rather sticking to just making music and managing a label at the same time, I believe that learning the business of music is important. My biggest hurdle as a music producer would be the battle between 'masa' and acquired taste music. I can firmly say I’m not the most flexible artist out there, reason is I want to freely express my sound and hoping one day it will be appreciated by many,” he adds.


Celemin, who is also known by his stage name BSTRDPRNCE, sticks to his own music genre, but the event producer and the hard-working team know how multi-genre flexibility and availability is key for growth in appreciation.

“With us at BnB, we don’t have a specific program that we follow besides the time slot of each artist. It’s like a variety show, each act has their own parade. Therefore, we encourage them to come up with a lasting impression. As part of our advocacy, we provide an opportunity for new artists to perform alongside some of the biggest names in today’s electronic music scene. From representing a collective to surprise sets, there are no limits to expressing your craft at the event,” he says.

“To be sonically accepted by many and in hopes of everyone’s success and happiness. May it be some bedroom beats or made on a well-equipped studio, everyone gets their proper recognition. Rid the hate, the crab mentality and empower each other as a community,” he adds.

Tellus and Omi

BnB would also like to do more collaborative performances with established local artists.

“One would be Slapshock, I’m a big fan of their music and energy. Another one would be Patty Tiu, she’s an example of a committed artist. And lastly, a plethora of undiscovered artists through out the Philippines.

Are electronic music talents from other provinces also reaching out to their group?

Jamir of Slapshock, Jared Celemin

“We've already had DIMAS, who's a music producer and DJ from Iloilo City, for three events with us. We met way back in December 2013. He has come a long way in achieving success in many other events and club gigs here in Manila ever since, with No Ego, Hydro Manila Music Festival, URBN QC, Revel at the Palace and so on. I'd like to think of DIMAS as that diamond in the rough, someone who has built a reputation within the industry through his hard work and uniqueness. He was actually one of the very first people I knew who was into and actually produced dubstep," answers Celemin. 

Bolder Future

The concept of throwing kick-ass parties filled with Bass with Bacon started in 2017; today it’s aiming to grow its positive trajectory by building a solid community of people from all segments.

“The abstract idea came way back in 2014 and completely materialized in the middle of 2017, when bass music was ripe and pungent for the masses. The idea was pretty much throwing a bit of everything, food that most people love and bass music that has rock and hip-hop influences. And of course, the party.”

DZ SVG and RJ Ty

“Direct marketing has been our greatest trait. Involving our audience with our plans and actually listen to them helped us shaped BNB. We've set out initially to make it an intimate setting, similar to the Boiler Room in the UK. However, more plans and gimmicks get added into the mix and we just continue to develop a stronger following each time. So far, this recent chapter has proven to be our most ambitious one yet and we could not be any prouder of the overall results,” says Celemin.

Given that they aim to showcase local talent to the word, we talked about the viability of creeping into the attention of foreign tourists.

“BnB is an event which could totally attract tourists to its innovative approach to party culture. Aside from the diverse music styles, unless you're a vegan or a pescatarian, the idea of eating as much bacon as you want would surely be intriguing. It is also noteworthy that the inspiration for Bass N Bacon was a recurring underground event in Chicago called Porn ‘N Chicken....True, it would help out uncover Filipino artists to a broader audience,” he adds.

DJ and Producer DIMAS

We chatted about how the growth and health of the team behind the scenes is an important factor in moving forward with more events.

“From a behind-the-scenes perspective, yes. With us, working on an event of this magnitude, given that we push for it to take place every few months, it helps promote productivity as every member of the crew diligently performs the assigned tasks in order to make it an overall success. Of course, we would like to believe that every individual involved has a responsibility to take care of themselves health-wise, not just to deliver on their tasks but to also lead by example in creating a harmonious and balanced atmosphere. Through this, success can be achieved internally and may therefore inspire potential sponsors in providing support to make the event an even bigger success while also encouraging them to give a chance in creating awareness for the artists' individual brands and the music they create for the audience to party to,” he says.

More is More

Giving people newer alternatives to appreciate local music and enjoy ‘happenings’ after a hard day's work may be easier said than done, but Celemin and his team are very dedicated to helping people, both artists and fans, to truly let loose, be themselves and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

“The concept for BnB has always been about excess. Exaggeration. Taking it the extreme. Rebelling against the system. If there is anything that we would be promoting that even comes close to being responsible, it would be the avoidance of drug use. Aside from that, we're all about living the party lifestyle without inhibition and limitation,” he says.

Party Heroes and Villains of BnB 5 at Movie Stars Cafe

“Perhaps one of the few venues where the artists can truly be themselves and play the music they want, without criticism or subjugation from 'mainstream' crowds. They already do enough on a weekly basis trying to please other people in their usual gigs, this is their chance to showcase who they really are to a crowd that is appreciative of that,” he addS

According to the BnB crew, more bacon means more partying, more music, more parties and more people enjoying.

“Well, bacon, I guess serving a greasy food slows the rate at which you absorb alcohol, meaning intoxication happens more gradually and won’t cease you from partying longer. And, as part of Filipino culture, it ain’t a party without a good pulutan,” says Celemin. 

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“I think the goal for BnB was to always get bigger and more badass with each succeeding chapter. Yes, we would aspire to attract more people at larger venues without losing the intimate setting. In terms of support, as long as people are open to new ideas, may it be from potential sponsors or regular folks wanting to release."



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