With and without beauty filter: Catriona shows difference, with reminder on self-worth


Posted at Mar 22 2021 11:25 PM | Updated as of Mar 23 2021 01:43 PM

MANILA — Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray shared on Monday a selfie video showing the difference of having a beauty filter on and off, with a reminder for her followers about self-worth.

Gray, 27, shared the short clip on Instagram, using a camera filter called "Filter vs. Reality" that smoothens her face, applies makeup, and changes the color of her eyes.

The effect is only visible on one side of the video, with other half showing Gray’s natural, no-makeup skin.

“Filters are so much fun, and just like makeup - allow us to express ourselves here online. BUT there are so many times I've scrolled through social media not taking into account that I'm subconsciously comparing my reality with a filter,” Gray wrote.

“Our definition of beauty is constantly being defined by standards, what we see in the media and what we're told. But I'm a believer that your beauty should be defined by YOU.”

She then shared a quote that draws an analogy between the night sky and one’s physical appearance.

“When we take photos of the moon and stars of the night sky using a camera and it doesn't turn out, we easily recognize that the sky is really beautiful in reality, but it’s the camera that’s not able to capture it,” she said.

“What if we accepted that our beauty isn't meant to be experienced through a lens?” Gray added.

Addressing anyone who may have come across her post, the beauty queen wrote: “You are beautiful. You are worthy. And you are capable.”

Gray has time and again used her platform to advocate self-love and self-esteem, having participated in campaigns like #AsSheIs, where women post no-makeup selfies, and having shared openly her own insecurities about her body.

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