Why Solenn Heussaff lets daughter watch only Spanish or French cartoons


Posted at Mar 04 2021 02:40 PM | Updated as of Mar 04 2021 02:41 PM

MANILA – Solenn Heussaff shared on social media that she and her husband Nico Bolzico now allow their daughter Thylane to watch television.

Heussaff, however, noted that it is only for a very limited time each week considering Thylane’s young age.

“She is now allowed 5 minutes of cartoons per week. BUT in French or Spanish only,” she posted in her Instagram Stories.


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In her succeeding post, Heussaff said she got a lot of questions as to why she only allows her daughter to watch Spanish or French cartoons.

Explaining why this is the case, Heussaff said: “She hears English every day with everyone so she will learn it fast. She hears Tagalog every day at home and with family, so it will come naturally just like English. French only with me and my dad. Spanish only with Nico.”

With the foreign language cartoons, Heussaff believes it will help expose Thylane more to both French and Spanish. 

“So I am not sure if she will identify all languages OR think all four are one. Anyways, read in many books, the more languages you expose a baby to, the better.”

Last month, Bolzico shared on Instagram a video compiling Thylane uttering what appears to be her favorite expression — “Wow.”

Bolzico captioned the video, in jest: “Science: ‘Talking many languages simultaneously to your baby will expand her vocabulary.’"


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“#Tilibolz full vocabulary after talking to her in English, Tagalog, French and Spanish for a year.”

Heussaff’s and Bolzico’s #TiliBolz updates have been a staple on their social media pages, and have been a source of wholesome entertainment for their followers.

While most include playful anecdotes, the couple also share heartfelt moments with their daughter.

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