Osmena decries 'widespread cheating' in polls

Vivienne Gulla, ABS-CBN News

MANILA - Senator Sergio Osmena III has claimed of being a victim of "widespread" cheating in the 2016 elections.

The accusations come as Commission on Election proclaimed 12 senators-elect Thursday.

Osmeña said that before the polls, he had been ranking well within the Magic 12 in the surveys, but he said some individuals paid their way to get a Senate seat.

He claimed of receiving offers from operators inside the Commission on Elections to pay 10 pesos per vote which will be added to the total votes he garnered. He refused the offer.

Osmeña ranked 14th in the Senate race, garnering 12,670,615 votes.

Osmeña alleged that the operators were the so-called ''Garci boys''.

The ''Garci'' being referred to was former poll commissioner Virgilio Garcillano, who allegedly worked with former President Gloria Arroyo to rig the 2004 elections.

Osmeña however said he has no plans of filing an election protest. He said it would be difficult to gather evidence because the cheating happened in different provinces.

After his term in the Senate, Osmeña plans to rest and go fishing. He said he is not interested in any appointive post. He is also closing his doors on future senatorial bids.