WATCH: Justin of ‘PBB’ sorry for ‘insensitive’ remark about fellow housemate Jie-Ann


Posted at Dec 19 2020 11:00 PM | Updated as of Dec 20 2020 07:12 AM

WATCH: Justin of ‘PBB’ sorry for ‘insensitive’ remark about fellow housemate Jie-Ann 1
Justin Dizon admitted it was ‘insensitive’ to make fun of the habits of his fellow housemate Jie-Ann Armero. “Pinoy Big Brother”

MANILA — Justin Dizon has apologized for an insensitive comment about his fellow “Pinoy Big Brother” (PBB) housemate Jie-Ann Armero not taking a bath. 

Justin was heavily criticized online for his actions clipped from the livestream of the ongoing season, when he used a towel Jie-Ann had wrapped around her head to wipe his hands. He also laughed when Jie-Ann said that she didn’t mind his rudeness, and then joked: “Sabagay, marumi ka nga pala.”

In a video uploaded by the reality show this Friday, Justin was seen apologizing to Jie-Ann, who had explained that the reason she does not take baths daily was out of habit, having grown up where water supply was scarce. 

Admitting that he lacked understanding of Jie-Ann’s background, Justin told her: “If ever you felt offended with those jokes I want to say sorry for them kasi ‘yun nga I forgot to realize na iba tayo [ng environment na kinalakihan].”

He added: “I want to say sorry for saying those jokes to you because, like, they are insensitive. Hindi ko naisip initially, your background and my background, how different they are. So ‘yun nga I’ll try my best to be more sensitive to how you feel.” 

Justin was later on seen sharing his realizations with Big Brother himself, saying that he had a “very quick introspection” over his actions. 

“It is still a responsibility to accept your mistake and learn something about it, apologize and you know magkaroon ka ng character development or something like that,” he said. 

You can check out the full video below:

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“PBB” puts together strangers from different backgrounds inside one house for a specific number of days, sparking both conflicts and connections that unfold on television.

“Connect” is the 15th edition of the local franchise since 2005, and so far it has 14 housemates, including Dizon and Jie-Ann.