‘Ahas, starlet’? Luis challenges Jessy’s basher to spew insults face to face


Posted at Dec 06 2018 06:48 PM


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Luis Manzano challenged a “basher” of his girlfriend Jessy Mendiola to confront them personally, after the anonymous account left insults targeting the actress on the TV host’s Instagram post greeting her on her birthday.

Manzano, 37, shared a photo of Mendiola early this week, with a sweet message to celebrate her turning 26 on December 3.


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While the comments were mostly warm greetings for the star of “The Girl in the Orange Dress,” a number brought up Mendiola’s recent interview promoting the film, where she mentioned past incidents which she said partly caused her two-year bout with depression.

One anonymous comment was particularly disparaging, prompting Manzano to come to Mendiola’s defense.


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The basher wrote, tagging Mendiola’s account: “Sana masaya ka sa pag uungkat ng nakaraan. Move on, girl! Kawawa ‘yung taong wala naman talagang may kasalanan. Dinamay mo pa si JM at Enrique Gil sa pagkaka depress mo. Kasalanan mo naman ang lahat. Ahas. Starlet. Flop Queen. Pumayat nga pero mabaho pa rin.”

The comment was referring to Mendiola vaguely referring to a “plane harassment,” as well as a former partner whom she described as “difficult to deal with.”

‘Ahas, starlet’? Luis challenges Jessy’s basher to spew insults face to face 1
Former couple JM de Guzman and Jessy Mendiola pose for a photo posted by the actor on Instagram in 2015. Instagram: @1migueldeguzman

A report about that interview mentioned actors Enrique Gil and JM de Guzman as the individuals Mendiola was alluding to.

Gil apologized to Mendiola, his fans, and the public in a televised interview over a drunken plane incident in 2015. De Guzman, Mendiola’s ex-boyfriend, meanwhile has made no secret of his successful recovery from drug abuse.

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Replying to Mendiola’s critic, Manzano said: “Huwag nagmamarunong kung walang alam sa lahat ng pangyayari, panindigan mo naman ang mga sinasabi mo, DM mo ako details mo. Promise bibigyan kita ng chance sabihin lahat ‘yan harap-harapan.”

Getting no response, the actor-host followed up with a string of comments asking for a specific place to meet up.


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“Waiting sa DM ha, promise, ‘di ko ilalabas details mo pero ako mismo pupunta,” he said. “Sent you a DM, details please… May lakad pa ako now, details please saan ka puwede puntahan.”

Mendiola’s account of having triumphed over depression followed months of the actress’ conscious pivot to positivity in her social media presence, amid being a frequent target of “bashing.”


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She also recently announced a YouTube vlog, which she said was a way of thanking fans and followers who have showered her with only love and support through the years.