LOOK: This MNL48 member looks a lot like Daniel, Kathryn


Posted at Nov 27 2019 02:30 AM

Some people are saying that Gabb of MNL48 can pass off as the "daughter" of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, given how she resembles the two. Instagram

MANILA -- When Daniel Padilla and Gabb Skribikin, a member of MNL48, crossed paths last month, the former was quick to stop her and tell her that she looked like someone familiar. 

The first person who came to his mind was video game streamer Aeriel Garcia, the girlfriend of his friend Patrick Sugui. 

But to fans of MNL48, the reason Gabb might have caught Padilla's attention was more than her having the same haircut as Garcia --some of them have this crazy theory that Gabb is from the future and jumped back in time to meet Padilla, her "father." 

Yes, the thought is completely silly but it was just to highlight how much Gabb resembles not only Padilla, but also Kathryn Bernardo, ever since she got her bob cut. 

According to Gab, she is overwhelmed by the comparisons and is feeling extremely thankful towards all the compliments. 

She also jokingly told Padilla and Bernardo: "Ma at Pa, nandito lang ako kung kailangan niyo ako." 

Gabb has been with MNL48 since the group was introduced last year, though she only found herself having more of the spotlight thanks to being picked as the "center" for their new single.

She is known primarily for her striking androgynous aesthetic, and for her determination to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer despite being deaf on one ear. 

She leads the 5th single of MNL48, "High Tension," which they performed live on iWant's "ASAP" earlier this month. 

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The song is a translated Filipino version of the original from AKB48, their official sister group from Japan.