WATCH: Angeline, Janno guest stars in 'Ang Probinsyano'


Posted at Nov 09 2017 12:12 AM

Things have been pretty serious on "Ang Probinsyano" of late, with the current storyline focusing on this brewing fictional war between the government and rebels. 

But for the next few episodes, it appears fans will be treated to some respite from the show's dourness after introducing new guest actors into the fray to portray a poor but funny family. 

Irma Adlawan and Rico J. Puno play the parents to the characters of Janno Gibbs and Angeline Quinto. They were introduced via a scene where they sat down for lunch and prayed to bless their family with a "tsunami" of blessings, being in the middle of a drought thanks to their business not doing very well. 

But as the episode concluded, it was revealed that Quinto's character is not as innocent as it seemed, and is actually a snatcher who preys on those withdrawing bundles of cash to spend this Christmas season.

Puno's character is also revealed to be a former rebel, who chose to trade in his weapons for the quiet life with his family. 

The guesting prompted congratulatory messages from fans of Quinto, and questions for Gibbs on whether the singer is transferring to the Kapamilya network. 

He's currently under contract with TV5, but has admitted that he is a big fan of the show when he performed for the anniversary concert that the cast held in October last year.