How to deal with bashers, according to Jed Madela


Posted at Nov 07 2018 12:34 PM

MANILA – Jed Madela acknowledges the power of social media, saying it can make or break a person’s career.

And that is exactly why the singer is extra careful when it comes to dealing with his fans and bashers.

“I choose the tweets that I reply to,” Madela, who admitted to being “very immersed” in social media, said in an interview on “Tonight with Boy Abunda” on Tuesday.

“Sometimes, nila-like ko na lang.”

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Like many other celebrities, Madela has encountered social media comments that question his talent as an artist.

He recalled an old Twitter post that read: “What's wrong with Jed Madela? He's a great vocalist, but how come he can’t be a hit? Answer: Music lovers can’t sing along with him. I also don't listen to most of his songs that sound like diva-ish.”

Asked by host Boy Abunda how he responded to the basher, Madela said: “Sabi ko, ‘Music lovers do not have to sing along with me. Real music lovers do not have to sing along.’ I don’t see anything wrong if I can sing my own songs. It’s my own expression, it’s my own music.”

He continued: “Iyon nga, sinasabi niya he doesn’t listen to most of my songs because it sounds ‘diva-ish?’ Paano niya alam [if he really doesn’t listen]?”

Madela went on to stress the importance of taking the high road and respond to bashers nicely.

“Sometimes, these people who post on Twitter, they are silent fans who just want attention [so] they have something to say. I just respond nicely. He (basher) never replied [since],” he said.