F4 delights ‘Meteor Garden’ fans with reunion performance


Posted at Nov 01 2020 12:44 AM

MANILA — Holograms or not, fans of F4 were delighted to see their idols reunited again on stage for a TV event in China. 

Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Vic Chou, and Ken Chu were seen performing their hit 2001 song “Meteor Rain” together for the event, shown on Jiangsu TV and streamed on Chinese video-sharing app Kuaishou. 

The number was met with a collective swooning from “Meteor Garden” fans all over the world, though there were some among them who pointed out that something wasn’t quite right. 

It soon surfaced that it might have been that Wu was the only one performing live at the event, while the others were prerecorded ones and they were shown alongside Wu only via hologram technology. 

A photo from a fan apparently at the event showed Wu standing alone onstage. There’s also a video going around of Wu singing by himself. 

Regardless, fans celebrated the “reunion” as one of the highlights of their 2020. 

Check out the performance via a video shared on Facebook, which has been liked nearly 40,000 times, below:


F4 last reunited in 2013, also for a Jiangsu TV event.

This year’s performance ca,e nearly two decades since “Meteor Garden” catapulted them to international fame.