Series review: ’Dark Blue Kiss’ teaches people to accept queer family members, friends

Josiah Antonio, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 27 2020 03:51 PM | Updated as of Oct 28 2020 08:58 AM

The iconic underwater kissing scene of Kao (New Thitipoom, left) and Pete (Tay Tawan, right) in "Dark Blue Kiss" one of the “holy trinity” Thai boys' love series, now streaming at iWant TFC. Screenshot

This article contains spoilers of “Dark Blue Kiss.”

MANILA — One of the “holy trinity” of Thai boys' love (BL) series has been streaming on iWant TFC since Monday and it teaches people to accept their queer family members and friends. 

“Dark Blue Kiss” revolves around the struggles of Pete (Tay Tawan) and Kao (New Thitipoom) in their relationship as the latter has yet to come out his mother.

Pete (Tay Tawan, left) and Kao (New Thitipoom) talking to each other about their future as a couple. Screenshot

Pete comes from a prestigious family and wants to prove that he can make a career on his own, while Kao supports his teacher mom (who's also a single parent) and freshman sister by working as a part-time tutor. 

Different variations of families

Pete’s sexuality and relationship is accepted by his father, who is open to whatever his son wants. Despite this, Pete feels the pressure from his father’s peers, who expect him to follow his dad in the corporate world.

Kao (New Thitipoom) folding clothes together with his mother. Screenshot

Meanwhile, Kao accepts a tutoring gig from the principal of the school where his mom works. Kao will teach the principal’s son Non (AJ Chayapol), who happens to be Pete’s archenemy in the series.

Kao is worried that his mom might not accept his love for Pete. The couple also hides their relationship from their friends, and only Sandee (Mild Lapassalan), the only girl in the group, knows the truth. 

Brothers Rain (Pluem Pongpisal, left) and Sun (Pod Supakorn, middle) bonding together with the latter's love interest Mork (Fluke Gawin, right). Screenshot

There is also Sun (Pod Supakorn), Kao’s former love interest, who owns a coffee shop, and lives with his brother Rain (Pluem Pongpisal). 

Sun falls in love with his brother’s friend Mork (Fluke Gawin), whom he hires to be his assistant in the business. 

Different struggles

Kao embodies the struggle of queer children in coming out to their families, and even to their friends, who start questioning his relationship with Pete.

Eventually Kao comes out to his mom, saying he is a relationship with Pete.

Kao's mother after accepting his son and advising him to go to his boyfriend, Pete. Screenshot

His mother proves that parents know everything about their children and will accept you for who you are. 

Both also open up about their relationship to their friends, proving that they should accept their queer friends for who they are.

Pete and Kao are now open about their relationship to their parents while having a meal. Screenshot

After resolving these issues, Pete and Kao make amends and promised to tell the truth from now on.

"Dark Blue Kiss" is available for streaming on iWant TFC and GMM TV's YouTube page.