What Alexa felt when Nash told GF Mika, ‘13 years and I still love you’


Posted at Oct 25 2019 07:56 PM

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By the end of the interview, she said that, moving forward, she wants to be "excluded" from the lives of Nash Aguas, a guy she used to have a "mutual understanding" with, and his girlfriend Mika dela Cruz. She just doesn't care anymore and wants to "leave it in the past." 

But that was after Alexa Ilacad had acknowledged that she did care for a time — for an "hour," she said, recalling how she was affected by Aguas' "13 years and I still love you" message for Dela Cruz on Instagram. 

"I knew in my heart that they never lost connection, that there is a special place in Nash's heart for Mika," shared Ilacad during her interview on "Tonight With Boy Abunda" this past week. 

She continued: "Napaisip lang ako when I read that '13 years' thing kasi inside that 13 years I was there. So when you say that, '13 years and I still love you,' where was I?" 

She claimed that she had "4 to 5 years" of those 13 years. 

"Maybe that hour I cared but I then said to myself, 'Not worth your time, move on'," Ilacad added. 

Ilacad and Aguas were love-team partners, and for a time were inseparable as most showbiz pairings usually were. They admitted to having a "mutual understanding," but never became a couple. 

According to Ilacad, she is not bashing Aguas. 

"When I said na napaisip ako reading that, I did not mean to sound like sinisiraan ko siya, na masama siya, na I am so kawawa, I didn't mean that, I just said it as it was." 

She also clarified that she and Aguas are in good terms. "We have enough respect for each other," she said.