Gretchen to ‘paranoid’ Marjorie: ‘Relax, you are radiating with so much anger’


Posted at Oct 22 2019 10:13 PM

Gretchen Barretto is downplaying everything her sister Marjorie said in her interview on "TV Patrol" this Tuesday.

MANILA — Gretchen Barretto tells everyone that sister Marjorie had a "nervous breakdown," leading to their scuffle at the wake of their father, Miguel Barretto, this past week. Marjorie says it was Gretchen who lost her composure. 

If it was not apparent already, the fresh drama between Gretchen and Marjorie is now officially a back-and-forth with seemingly no end in sight, after Marjorie went on the record on "TV Patrol" to try and refute the things Gretchen has said so far --this included accusations that ranged from causing their dad's death to infidelity. 

During the interview, where she was at some parts close to tears and other parts angry, Marjorie spoke of Gretchen's alleged "evilness" and how she was "all for reconciliation" between them, contrary to what her sister has implied in her posts online. 

Gretchen was having none of it, though.

Moments after the interview aired, Gretchen immediately went to Instagram and shared a series of clips --among them a video of Marjorie on "TV Patrol" speaking about how she would be the first to hug Gretchen if she sees sincerity in wanting to patch things up. 


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In all caps, Gretchen wrote as part of her caption: "Relax. You are radiating with so much anger and envy and highly paranoid." 

Gretchen has said that she had already "replied point by point to all her [Marjorie's] allegations," but she made sure her followers knew her side anyway by reiterating them. 

First, she posted a supposed video evidence of a "fuming" Marjorie at the wake of their father. 


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She then shared another clip showing her and her mother Inday having a "lovely, precious moment," also at the wake. 

She said that it was about "forgiveness" and a "promise to protect [their] newfound mother/daughter relationship." 


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She continued: "It was a dream come true for me to finally hear the words 'I love you' from my mother, something I thought I would never hear 'til the day of our last breath." 

"Words is not enough to express the feeling, the blessing. This emotion is not the kind to EXPLODE TO A HYSTERICAL STATE as BEING CLAIMED BY MARJORIE ITCH -Very." 

Gretchen was referring to Marjorie's allegations about who had the "nervous breakdown" that led to their fight. 

The last part was a swipe at Marjorie admitting that politician Enrico "Recom" Echiverri is the father of her youngest child. 

Gretchen also stressed her accusation that Marjorie did not invite their mother to a birthday party for their father, causing his "heart attack"; that Claudine is pushing through with her molestation case against Echiverri; and that Marjorie was the one who could not "control her anger" at the wake. 

A screenshot of the post by Gretchen, where she told her sister Marjorie to "relax" and "control her anger."