WATCH: LJ Reyes' son Aki leaves touching message after borrowing mom's phone


Posted at Oct 21 2020 06:19 PM


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MANILA — Often, kids borrow their parents’ devices to play games or watch videos online. What’s not is when they leave thoughtful video messages in its gallery as thanks. 

That’s why actress LJ Reyes decided to “immortalize” what her son Aki recently did — given how rare the sweet gesture is — sharing how thankful she is to have been blessed with such an affectionate boy. 

In the clip Reyes posted on Instagram, Aki, who is 10, was seen telling his mother: “I love you, Mom. Good night. If you ever check this video, I love you. Thanks for allowing me to borrow your phone. I love you so much. Please check it.”

It’s a short video message, but enough to have Reyes gush to her fans: “Grabeeeee! Sobrang touched ako! Thank you Lord for this sweet, sweet boy talaga!”

You can check it out below:


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Aki is Reyes’ son with her former boyfriend, Paulo Avelino. 

She is currently in a relationship with Paolo Contis, with whom she shares a daughter.