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Filipino actor Alex Diaz talks about his glittering Hollywood debut

Yong Chavez | TFC News Hollywood

Posted at Oct 15 2021 01:17 PM

Alex Diaz had to learn juggling for 'Glitter & Doom,' in which he co-stars with Hollywood talents including 'Mulan' star Ming-Na Wen and comedian Tig Notaro.

Told in the iconic music of 'The Indigo Girls,' the story is described as a 'fantastical summer romance' between Diaz's character Glitter, and Doom played by British actor Alan Cammish.

Alex Diaz with Alan Cammish
Alex Diaz with Alan Cammish on the 'Glitter & Doom' set. Photo courtesy: Alex Diaz
Alex Diaz with Alan Cammish
Photo courtesy: Alex Diaz

Diaz shared how he learned that he landed the role. "My agent just told me, 'You got the role.' And I broke down because this is my first international role, and it's my first major lead role," Diaz said.

Diaz was born in Angeles City, Pampanga to a Filipino mom and Scottish-Irish father. He lived in Canada but moved back to the Philippines at 12 years old. He entered showbiz seven years ago. But in 2019, he was prepared to leave performing. Diaz admitted he even applied to work at Domino's Pizza because he was convinced that his career in the Philippines was over.

But instead, he said his life flourished after he chose to stand by his truth and come out as bisexual. "It honestly not just made my career, but it fixed so many psychological traumas that I had been working through. I feel like such a whole person that I could not had I not come back. I had to come back, and I have to fight for this kind of clarity, for every single person who ever felt like they weren't allowed to be themselves." The actor said the intense juggling training taught him patience and perseverance.

He booked his role in Glitter & Doom last July, and in the midst of the pandemic lockdown in the Philippines, he started training even virtually. Diaz arrived in Mexico to start filming in September after a two-week in-person training in Los Angeles.

Alex Diaz juggling
Photo courtesy: Alex Diaz

The actor said juggling served as a metaphor for his own experiences in grappling with his biracial and bisexual identity.

"[There are] so many beautiful things about being Filipino, but there's also so many deeply rooted traumas, and that comes with any country that has been colonized or recolonized," Diaz pointed out. "The Philippines has gone through so many traumatic experiences. I think in a way, our culture has been defiled or diluted in so many different ways. It hasn't allowed us to mature."

Apart from Glitter & Doom, Diaz is also set to co-star with 'Avatar' actor Sam Worthington in a movie to be shot in the Philippines once they get the go-signal to film in the country.

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