'Darna': Regina finds out she's Valentina in trending episode


Posted at Oct 07 2022 01:04 AM | Updated as of Oct 07 2022 09:02 AM

Regina discovers she is Valentina in the October 6 episode of ‘Mars Ravelo’s Darna.’ ABS-CBN

Regina, who has been advocating against the extra-judicial killings carried out by Valentina, was anguished to learn that she and the snake-haired creature are one and the same, in a climactic scene in “Mars Ravelo’s Darna” that drew praise for actress Janella Salvador on Thursday.

In the episode titled “I Am Valentina,” Regina woke up from a dream where she witnessed the serpent woman killing two thieves who attempted to steal from a young man — only to see the precise event reported on TV.

The repeated instances of Regina’s “dreams” making the news the next day, she started to realize, were not premonitions — but actual incidents she was involved in.

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Confirming her worst fear was her trusted aide Ali (Mac Manicad), who had kept secret witnessing Regina’s transformations into Valentina, concerned that she would be hurt knowing that the very creature she hated is her alter ego.

Feeling betrayed, Regina threw out Ali, and instead found comfort in Brian (Joshua Garcia), and later, Narda (Jane de Leon) — both friends of hers who, like her, wanted Valentina gone from Nueva Esperanza.

Salvador’s portrayal of Regina’s devastation over the discovery drew praise on social media, with “REGINA MEETS VALENTINA” and the official episode hashtag #DarnaIAmValentina becoming trending topics on Twitter.

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It remains to be seen how Regina will navigate or stop herself from turning into Valentina, now that she is aware that she is the same snake person she has been admonishing in her public statements.

Salvador has said that aside from the physical demands of the character, portraying Valentina has also been “emotionally draining,” in light of the psychological aspect of Regina’s transformation.

Helmed by acclaimed filmmaker Chito S. Roño with Avel Sunpongco and Benedict Mique, “Mars Ravelo’s Darna” is set to premiere on August 15 on Kapamilya Channel, TV5, A2Z, Kapamilya Online Live, and iWantTFC.