This is the mission ‘The General’s Daughter’ accomplished in its finale


Posted at Oct 05 2019 01:49 AM | Updated as of Oct 05 2019 02:47 PM

Rhian (Angel Locsin) chases Tiago (Tirso Cruz III) to their final confrontation in the final episode of ‘The General’s Daughter.’ ABS-CBN

MANILA — In the weeks leading up to its finale, “The General’s Daughter” teased a mission nearing its accomplishment. On Friday, that promise did unfold, in more ways than one.

Rhian (Angel Locsin) and the military overcame the terrorist group led by Tiago (Tirso Cruz III), the man whom she had believed, growing up, to be her father.

Rhian trumphed, too, over the identity Tiago had long nurtured and molded her to be — a weapon, precise and ruthless, originally with the sole mission of killing her actual father, Marcial (Albert Martinez).

Finally confronting Tiago one-on-one, an enraged Rhian landed blow after blow on his face, but those weren’t nearly enough to avenge those who died in the war he waged, among them her foster family Elai (Arjo Atayde) and Sabel (Maricel Soriano).

Tiago dared Rhian to kill him, so she could at least fulfill her “purpose” as a weapon.

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In a defining moment where she finally reclaimed her identity, Rhian stepped back and declared she was never his daughter, allowing him to live.

She, however, was forced to spare herself and leave Tiago for dead, when he attempted to set off a grenade to kill them both.

“Mission accomplished,” so went the teasers for the finale. That indeed can be said with the defeat of Tiago, but more importantly, with Rhian unshackling herself from the belief that she did not deserve redemption.

“The General’s Daughter,” which was billed as the biggest teleserye of 2019, marked Locsin’s long awaited primetime comeback in a lead role.

Dubbed local showbiz’s Action-Drama Queen, Locsin performed most if not all of her stunts in the Dreamscape production.

The ABS-CBN series firmly held the No. 1 spot in nationwide ratings during its time slot, according to data from Kantar Media, throughout its nine months on air.