WATCH: Zia Dantes sings 'Stand By Me' with dad Dingdong


Posted at Oct 04 2020 02:27 PM

MANILA – Zia Dantes is one talented kid and she’s ready to show off her talent.

According to her father Dingdong Dantes, Zia would always come to his workplace every night before they sleep after a busy day.

“Usually, we’d watch a clip in her favorite YT channel, read about her current favorite scary story, or just simply talk about how exciting her day was. Occasionally, she would join me as I struggle to learn new songs on the guitar,” he said.

Dingdong said it has already been five months since he started his formal guitar lessons and he has yet to complete any of the three songs that he’s been practicing on.

Nonetheless, he said there is this one song that is his favorite. And unknown to him, Zia would always listen closely when he plays it on the guitar.

Two days ago, Dantes said Zia just walked up to him in the middle of practice and told him that she wants to jam.

“She went behind the guitar, hugged it from my standpoint, and started to strum. She said, ‘Dad, let’s sing this song,’” he narrated.

“She did her thing. She strummed — not yet with chords ha — and sang. In the process of executing each stroke, each breath — I was melting,” Dantes added.

The song is “Stand by Me,” which Zia supposed calls “When the Night" as part of the song's lyrics go. 

“Well, she can call it whatever she wants. What’s sure is that I’ll stand by her, even if the moon is the only light we’ll see,” Dingdong said.


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Following Dantes’ Instagram post of their video, several celebrities including Angel Locsin, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Ryan Agoncillo, Bianca Gonzalez, Gretchen Fullido and John Arcilla expressed admiration for Zia.

Marian Rivera, of course, loved the heartwarming video of her husband and daughter.

Zia is turning five next month. Aside from Zia, Dantes and Rivera have another child, Sixto.