'Darna' flies atop Twitter trends with heart-racing action scene


Posted at Sep 29 2022 01:19 AM | Updated as of Sep 29 2022 10:03 AM

Darna (Jane de Leon) shields a girl from bullets in the September 28 episode of ‘Mars Ravelo’s Darna.’ ABS-CBN
Darna (Jane de Leon) shields a girl from bullets in the September 28 episode of ‘Mars Ravelo’s Darna.’ ABS-CBN

MANILA — “Mars Ravelo’s Darna” flew atop the trending topics on Twitter on Wednesday, with a heart-racing scene that saw the superhero saving a child’s life and taking on warring gangs.

In the “Shoot To Kill” episode of the ABS-CBN series, an internal struggle within the notorious El Diablo syndicate led to a shootout inside a parking lot. A civilian who happened to be in the driver’s seat was caught in the crossfire, leaving his young daughter vulnerable.

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Regina (Janella Salvador) happened to be in the area while being interviewed by Sigfried (Josh Colet). Hearing the commotion and seeing the girl in peril, Regina sought to save her even it meant putting her life in danger, too.

Darna (Jane de Leon) fortunately arrived in time, shielding both Regina and the girl from bullets. Ensuring both were safe, the superhuman form of Narda then disarmed the men to stop the clash. They proved no match for Darna even as a dozen of them surrounded and attempted to restrain her.

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The Martean warrior also showed the extent of her skin being impenetrable, as she used her bare hand to block the bullets from a lone gunman who escaped and tried to hostage Jiro (Yogo Singh), Narda’s neighbor who happened to be one of the onlookers at the incident.

While Nueva Esperanza celebrated Darna’s bloodless victory — a turnaround from recent days when many favored Valentina’s (Salvador) vigilante-style justice — Regina, the snake woman’s human alter ego, was consumed by envy, saying the superhero has stolen her thunder yet again.

The action-packed episode proved to be a hit with primetime viewers, as its official hashtag, #DarnaShootToKill, become the No. 1 trending topic on Wednesday. Fans commended the performances of both de Leon and Salvador, as well as the mounting of Darna’s heroic turn.

Helmed by acclaimed filmmaker Chito S. Roño with Avel Sunpongco and Benedict Mique, “Mars Ravelo’s Darna” airs weeknights on TV5, A2Z, Kapamilya Channel, CineMo, Kapamilya Online Live, iWantTFC, and TFC.