'Truly blessed': Sunshine Cruz, Teresa Loyzaga gush as Diego Loyzaga bonds with half-sisters


Posted at Sep 24 2020 08:10 PM

This past week, Diego Loyzaga posted a photo of him on Instagram bonding with his half-sisters via a beach trip, prompting a heartwarming exchange between their parents. 

MANILA — Family bonds are a lifetime. 

And Sunshine Cruz and Teresa Loyzaga are glad to see that their children are doing their best to maintain their closeness amid the pandemic. 

For those who do not know, Cruz's and Teresa’s kids share the same father, Cesar Montano. The former is a mom to three teen daughters — Angelina (18), Samantha (16), and Chesca (14) — while the latter is the mother of actor Diego Loyzaga (25). 

This past week, Diego posted a photo of him on Instagram bonding with his half-sisters via a beach trip. 

Teresa reposted this on her own Instagram page, writing: “Where did time go? You are all grown up! Take it slow. Don’t grow too fast! Look after each other. Love each other.” 

She also tagged Cruz on her post and gushed that they must have “done something good” to have had raised children who remain close, despite not living together. 

It prompted a reply from Cruz, who wrote: “We are truly blessed to have them in our lives Tong!” 

She added: “Mahal ng mga bata ang Kuya Diego nila. Masaya sila to spend time with him. Let’s plan something soon. Sama na tayo next time!” 

You can check out their comment thread in the Instagram post below:


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In an interview in 2019, both Angelina and Samantha opened up about their relationship with their older half-brother, saying that they often eat out and watch movies together. They also have plans to make song covers, given how all of them love music. 

Cruz and Loyzaga themselves are also close, although they only got reacquainted with each other around 2015. This was after they decided to make things work between them for their kids, after consistently running into each other at a restaurant in Quezon City. 

Cruz and Montano married in 2000, although this was eventually annulled back in September 2018. 

Cruz is currently in a relationship with businessman Macky Mathay.