WATCH: Joshua’s super sweet Star Magic Ball proposal to Julia


Posted at Sep 23 2017 05:41 PM


Julia Barretto was left speechless when her onscreen partner and rumored boyfriend, Joshua Garcia, hired a choir just to ask her out to this year's Star Magic Ball. 

In a video uploaded on Facebook, Barretto's face could be seen blushing red as the choir, whose members were holding cards that read "Will U Be My Date?", sang to her Ed Sheeran's "Perfect."

Barretto was then surprised by Garcia who emerged from behind with a bouquet of roses, prompting Barretto to shyly bury her head onto Garcia's chest. 

The clip, which now has 2 million views after just five hours, was posted Saturday, exactly a week before the much-anticipated ball. 


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It is hardly surprising that Garcia decided to ask Barretto out, especially after saying that he has feelings for the actress. 

Barretto has repeatedly denied that she and Garcia are already a couple, but said she is giving him "exclusive rights" to date her.

The two are still glowing from the success of their latest movie, "Love You to the Stars Back," which has made more than P100 million in the local box office in less than a month. 

In it, Barretto plays Mika, a girl who believes in aliens and is on a journey to have herself abducted after her mother died. She then meets by chance Caloy (Garcia), whom she falls in love with before discovering that he has cancer. 


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It has been receiving positive feedback and glowing reviews from critics.