Is Jake Ejercito the real father of Andi's child?


Posted at Sep 23 2016 04:26 PM

Is Jake Ejercito the real father of Andi's child? 1
Andi Eigenmann, Ellie and Jake Ejercito. Photo from @andieigengirl and @unoemilio on Instagram

MANILA – Actress Max Eigenmann made a shocking revelation on Thursday’s episode of the “Good Times with Mo” podcast.

According to her, Jake Ejercito is the real father of Andi Eigenmann’s daughter Ellie.

Max made the statement when she was asked by DJ Mo Twister on the show to react to the recent Twitter spat of Andi and Ejercito.

“It doesn’t bother me, whatever. They’re always like that,” Max said, referring to her half-sister and her former boyfriend.

She added: “You know he (Ejercito) is the father of my niece, right?”

Mo Twister then clarified that Ejercito is not Ellie’s biological father as previously reported.

But Max insisted, saying: “No, he is. They did a (DNA) test… Yeah, he’s the dad.”

“That’s why he always posts photos of my niece.”

Despite this, Max said she believes that the two will not get back together anytime soon, noting that Andi already has a boyfriend.

“But he’s a really good guy. He is a friend also and I consider him family because of my niece,” she said of Ejercito.

Last year, Andi referred to Ejercito as the “father” of Ellie, noting how he was always there for her daughter.

It was once reported that Andi’s other ex-boyfriend, Albie Casiño, is the real father of Ellie. The actor, however, denied this.