'Dok' Ogie Alcasid tells 'Tawag' viewers: 'Hindi namin dinodoktor iyong resulta'


Posted at Sep 13 2019 08:25 PM

Ogie Alcasid made an apparent joke about the complaints that "Tawag ng Tanghalan" is allegedly rigged. It's Showtime

MANILA -- In an apparent response to the recent complaints that "Tawag ng Tanghalan" is allegedly rigged, Ogie Alcasid, acting as the head judge for Friday, said he hopes that viewers understand that they do not manipulate the results in any way. 

Clearly referring to how the judges were criticized heavily for the low score they gave a "resbaker" last Wednesday, the singer, while wearing a doctor's outfit, said: "Ang gusto ko lang sabihin ay hindi namin dinodoktor iyong resulta dito kahit doktor ako." 

Alcasid, also known as a comedian, made the comment right before the results of Friday's final showdown were revealed, drawing laughs and applause from his fellow judges. 

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Vice Ganda, one of the hosts, had promised that the judges were going to give an official statement regarding the complaints over the 16.50% score that wild card Mariane Osabel received. 

Many felt that her performance -- a cover of Whitney Houston's "Run to You" -- did not deserve such a low score, hence the demand to hear the judges' reasoning. 

Osabel ultimately was eliminated because of the score. 

Throughout Friday's episode, Vice Ganda did not make a reference to his promise about an official statement. 

He told fans on Thursday that he had asked specifically for the thoughts of composer Louie Ocampo, as he was the head judge when Osabel took the stage. Ocampo was not present on Friday. 

K Brosas, who had been defending herself and the "hurados" on Twitter, was part of the judging panel but refused to directly address the issue, only saying: "love, love, love." 

Brosas had cried foul over receiving nasty comments online for the aggressive stance she took when she told those complaining about the results: "Wala kayong alam." 

She did defend the outcome by sharing that she personally felt that Mariko Ledesma, the transwoman who defeated Osabel, deserved the win. 

But she refused to explain the reasoning behind the 16.50% score and told people to be patient and wait for an official statement. 


Meanwhile, the show continued despite the complaints. 

On Friday, Ferlyn Suela defeated Kim Nemenzo and earned herself a chance to enter the grand finals of the competition, winning with an average score of 90.12% vs. 75%. 

The breakdown showed that Suela lost the voters' poll (42.22% vs. 50%). But because the judges' favored her (42.22% vs. 25%), she'll be the one to stay in the contest. 

Ledesma also won her respective showdown.