‘Naging marupok at gago ako’: Paolo Contis breaks silence


Posted at Sep 08 2021 08:17 PM

LJ Reyes and Paolo Contis were a couple for six years and had been raising two children together. Instagram: @lj_reyes
LJ Reyes and Paolo Contis were a couple for six years and had been raising two children together. Instagram: @lj_reyes

MANILA — Actor Paolo Contis finally broke his silence on his separation from his partner of six years, actress LJ Reyes, admitting that a third party was involved while also clearing the name of his co-star Yen Santos.

In a two-part statement posted on Instagram, Contis wrote:

“After lumabas ang interview ni LJ, katakot takot na pang aalipusta at pambabatikos ang natanggap ko. I can’t say I don’t deserve it kaya tinatanggap ko lang ito. I understand all your frustrations. Gusto ko sana manahimik kaya lang marami nang mga nadadamay na hindi dapat kaya mas mabuti sigurong sagutin ko ang ilan sa mga ito.”

Contis was referring to Reyes’ tell-all interview with TV host Boy Abunda, where she first confirmed the breakup and revealed that it was not mutual.

The former couple has one daughter, 2-year-old Summer. Ten-year-old Aki, Reyes’ son from her past relationship with actor Paulo Avelino, is in the actress’ care and had been close to Contis.

In his statement, Contis first addressed five topics: allegations of drug use and domestic violence, which he denied; a third party, which he admitted and apologized for; Santos, whom he said was “never” the reason of the breakup; Baguio City, where he was spotted with Santos; and his manager Lolit Solis, whom he defended and apologized to.

“Merong nagsasabi na meron siyang reliable source that I take drugs and as a result, sinasaktan ko si LJ at ang mga bata. This is NOT true. Minahal at inalagaan ko sila. I never laid a finger on them,” he wrote.

He did, however, confirm speculation that a third party was a factor in the separation, writing: “Aaminin ko, naging marupok at gago ako sa ilang taon naming pagsasama. I’m not proud of it. For that, I’m sincerely sorry. I’m truly ashamed of my actions.”

Contis then clarified that Santos, his leading lady in the just-released film “A Faraway Land,” was “never the reason of our break up.”

“I was,” Contis said.

“Kung matagal na kaming hindi okay ni LJ, it was mainly because of me. Masyado niyo siyang diniin sa issue na to. Pati pag promote namin ng movie nabahiran na ng kung anu ano,” he said, referring to his and Santos’ media rounds for the movie.

The actor went on to address viral photos of him with an unidentified woman taken in Baguio City. Hawk-eyed followers identified the companion as Santos, despite her being mostly obscured in the images. Contis confirmed it was indeed her.

“When LJ left for the States with the kids, I went to Baguio for 3 days dahil ayaw ko sa Manila at gusto kong makapag isip-isip. Naging insensitive ako about the possible effects nung issue and I invited Yen for a day para may makausap since malapit lang siya sa North din,” he said.

Contis said Santos was “there as a friend.”

“Hindi ko naisip na madadamay siya ng ganito. I’m sorry for this,” he added.

Solis, Contis’ manager who first confirmed the separation and claimed it was merely due to “outgrowing” each other, was also mentioned in the actor’s statement.

“Please stop bashing her. Nanay ko si Lolit. Natural lang na ipagtanggol niya ako kahit mali ako. May nanay din kayo di ba? Hindi niyo alam ang mga pagalit at pangaral niya sa akin pag kami lang ang naguusap. Sinabihan ko na siya to stop protecting me. Ang sinabi lang niya ay HINDI, ANAK KITA! HAYAAN MO AKO! For that, I’m sorry Nay. And thank you! Sa inyo pareho ni Nay Cristy,” he said, referring to showbiz host Cirsty Fermin.

In the second part of his statement, Contis revealed details of his last conversation with Reyes before the latter departed for the US to recover; and apologized to her and their children, as well as his former wife Lian Paz.

“I was very clear to LJ when I told her I want to see and take care of Summer kahit hindi kami okay. But I understand and respect her decision to go to the States muna. Sana balang araw makapag usap kami ng maayos para sa bata. Madami pang kailangan pag usapan pero sa amin na lang ni LJ yun at sana respetuhin niyo yun,” he wrote.

Reyes earlier said in her interview with Abunda that she intends to “rebuild” her family — excluding Contis — by staying indefinitely in the US, where her mother resides.

Addressing Paz, whose name was dredged up amid the first rumors surrounding Contis’ latest separation, he wrote: “I want to apologize to Lian and the kids, na nagulo na naman ang tahimik na buhay dahil sa akin.”

Contis has two daughters with Paz. They were together for four years, from 2008 until 2012, when Paz, like Reyes, tearfully confirmed her separation from Contis.

Contis also apologized to his mother, asking her not to “worry about me too much”; and to his team, “na hindi na nakakatulog dahil sa akin.”

In his message for his baby daughter with Reyes, Contis wrote: “To Summer, I’m sorry my Ganda. I love and miss you so much. Papa will do his best to be better. I will always be here for you. I promise.”

He also publicly addressed Aki, who, according to Reyes, has become aware of his parents’ situation.

“To Aki, I wish I could’ve done things differently and listened to you more. I’m sorry I failed you,” he said.

Finally, he apologized to his partner of six years.

“To LJ, I’m very sorry. For everything. Sa lahat lahat,” Contis said.

“I will work on making myself a better person and learning from this,” he added.

Contis also asked the public to “respect our privacy and pray for us.”

“Ngayon kung hindi pa po kayo pagod, please direct all your hate and bashings at me. No one else deserves it, ako lang. Thank you,” he said.