14 Pinay celebrities with foreigner partners


Posted at Aug 10 2018 12:20 AM

14 Pinay celebrities with foreigner partners 1
ABS-CBN International reporter Ginger Conejero and now-husband Bruno Saab. Courtesy of Nice Print Photography

Ginger Conejero, who as a former Star Patroller covered celebrity weddings, became the subject of headlines early this week as she became a bride herself and exchanged vows with her American partner Bruno Saab.

Like Conejero, who tied the knot in California, several other local celebrities have similarly found love abroad, or with foreigners who consider the Philippines their second home. 

In no particular order, here's a look at other female showbiz personalities with their foreigner partners:


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Missing my partner in life and enemy.

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Smile..... Malia: BITAWAN NYO AKO!!!!! ❤️ hahahhahahaaa

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My dream date in Tokyo

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Simplehan lang natin tonight. ❤️ Almost 6 years 😛

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ISABELLE DAZA (Actress) Married to Adrien Semblat (French)

GEORGINA WILSON (Model) Married to Arthur Burnand (British)

RUFFA GUTIERREZ (Actress) In a relationship with Jordan Mouyal (French-Israeli)

JEWEL MISCHE (Former actress) Married to Alex Kurzer (American)

NATHALIE HART (Actress) Engaged to Indian partner

POKWANG (Comedienne) In a relationship with Lee O'Brian (American)

KELSEY MERRITT (Model) Dating Conor Dwyer (American)

RENEE HAMPSHIRE a.k.a. ATE GLOW (Comedienne) Married to her British partner

INA RAYMUNDO (Actress) Married to Brian Poturnak (Ukranian-Canadian)

CRISTALLE BELO (Skincare entrepreneur) Married to Justin Pitt (Australian)

SOLENN HEUSSAFF (Actress) Married to Nico Bolzico (Argentine)

JERVI LI a.k.a. KALADKAREN (Comedienne) In a relationship with a British man

PATRICIA JAVIER (Actress) Married to Rob Walcher (American)